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MSDS/SDS Website and Hosting

Clients of the ChemSafetyMSDS-EHS (CSme) SDS website can afford paperless compliance with different regulatory bodies, without consuming significant resources in terms of personnel and time.  In addition, CSme-designed websites allow the incorporation of various functions and customizations using the client’s corporate logo and colors. To create an SDS website, CSme only needs the product name, product number, and manufacturer’s name from the client.

After developing the client’s SDS website, CSme hosts it on unique servers, which are secure, open to internet search engine hits and public browsing. Also, the products can be linked to the customer’s corporate website or encrypted with passwords before it is distributed to customers. The benefits associated with CSme professional SDS website development and hosting include:

  1. Ability to comply with OSHA’s Hazard Communication Regulations
  2. Improved confidence level pertaining to the stability of SDS and reduction of potential liability
  3. Elimination of administration personnel requirement for retrieving and distributing SDS
  4. Greater efficiency in the customer’s Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) department
  5. Eliminating the need for storing hard copy SDS and binders
  6. Allowing easy access to SDS through mobile devices
  7. Reducing corporate risk by ensuring availability of SDS at all times including weekends and holidays

Also, CSme ensures continued maintenance of the SDS website through addition of SDS for new products after receiving them from clients or their vendors. This is a hands-free system that incorporates SDS retrieval into procurement systems of the clients, ensuring efficient customer support.