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Chem Safety MSDS-EHS (CSme)

Successfully streamlined the process, collecting and maintaining MSDS/SDS authoring services for a wide range of companies across the world.

We also sought to ensure that firms comply with Communication Standard, 29 CFR § 1910.1200. Over the years, CSme has gained a leadership position in the provision of MSDS/SDS management solutions, as well as facilitating compliance with regulations by organizations. Today, CSme has become reputable in designing and maintaining the MSDS/SDS authoring service for various organizations.

ChemSafetyMSDS-EHS (CSme) provides an efficient and innovative method of online MSDS/SDS management both to manufacturers and distributors. On one hand, we offer the manufacturing companies effective methods of managing SDS system, which also involves the proper procedure through which SDS are collected from vendors and maintained. Also, we help create and maintain SDS for manufactured products, thereby enhancing the ability of firms dealing with distribution to collect and maintain the SDS of various types of goods.

This intervention enhances evaluation of hazards associated with manufactured or imported products and information transmission to employers and employees. This strategy is particularly important due to continued pressure from Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), US Department of Transportation (DOT), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Moreover, it ensures that industries can comply with rules from other global regulatory agencies, which require them to have a high rate of accessibility of accurate SDS, to facilitate effective information gathering, training, and emergency response.