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GHS MSDS/SDS Authoring Service

ChemSafetyMSDS-EHS (CSme) team of experts have the ability to create SDS in an expeditious and timely manner, driven by in-house highly experienced technicians. This team is comprised of industrial hygienists, CHMMs (Certified Hazardous Materials Managers), chemists, pharmacologists, industrial toxicologists, and other professionals from regulatory agencies. These specialists use the current reference materials from environmental and governmental authorities, to which CSme has access. The team authors, updates, revises, converts, and custom-writes alternative formats of Safety Data Sheets. They also determine the type of documents needed by clients depending on the geographical distribution of their product line and ensures that all regulations pertaining to various files have been strictly adhered to. This ensures:

  1. Guaranteed accuracy and confidentiality
  2. Reflection of customers’ corporate image by creating professional and customized documents
  3. An uncomplicated process with a reasonable lead time
  4. Improved capacity to comply with various standards, such as American National Standards Institute (ANSI), European Union – Classification, Labeling, and Packaging standard (EU-CPL), OSHA, and Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS).

Availability of SDS in different jurisdictions to facilitate the combination of standards in one document.