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MSDS/SDS: Product Label, Review and Translation

ChemSafetyMSDS-EHS (CSme) offers a product label review service, which provides clients with a document that covers a variety of symbols, pictograms, and technical information needed for display on various product labels. As a result, it ensures that its clients adhere to requirements of various agencies, such as the European Union (EU) and OSHA.  This service also offers translations to different languages based on customers’ requests. These translations are done by a network of certified translators, who have comprehensive knowledge and expertise in chemical phraseology and terminology. These experts, who are selected from different fields of science help to translate clients’ SDS accurately.  Translations that have been completed are subjected to scrutiny and approval by other professionals to ensure that:

1.      The SDS is accurate and remains customized to the client’s need

  1. The translated documents have a guaranteed acceptance from international regulatory agencies
  2. There is no significant difference between the translated SDS and the original one